Character Index

Adna – Hrimnar’s daughter.

Aegir – A sea God

Aesir – The name of a race of men who live in Mitgarh.

Alaisia – The woman who gives Maya medicinal herbs.

Andlang – South of Asagarh. It is a mountain range that Maya crosses.  The Nida Mountains are at its base.

Asagarh – City in Asahem where the Aesir Gods live.

Asahem – Realm of the Gods.

Augsburihem – A city in Mitgarh.  Tyrnor is counsel to Augsburihem.

Bestla – The wife of Tyrnor.

Bilfrost – A city in Mitgarh.

Breyla – One of Doarh’s mistresses.

Brim – Loki’s father.  He is half Dark Elf and half Aesir.

Bundyr – Doarh’s friend who gets his head ripped off by a Giant at the wedding.

Dark Forest – Where Ferra lives in Mirkvid.

Dharsin – Thieles’s wife.

Dhonar – Hrimnar’s son who lives in Tonidir.

Doarh – Son of Egil. A prince of Tonidir.  He marries Maya and upon his father’s death becomes the king of Tonidir. He survives Ragnarok.

Duneyr – One of Tonidir’s councilmen. Elsiin’s husband.

Egil – King of Tonidir.  Doarh’s father.

Elsa – Alaisia’s daughter.

Elsiin – Duneyr’s wife.

Embi – The village Maya is from in Svarthem.

Fate – A God.

Ferra – The Teller of Mirkvid.  She lives in the Dark Forest.

Freyja – Fertility God.  Patron of Love and Marriage.  Tonidir’s patron Goddess.

Friggurt – A man from Vanahem who wins the Skull Toss.

Gern – A small river in Bilfrost.

Ghundir – The man who wagers his cow against Doarh.

Gladslundir - A city in Mitgarh.

Hel – Realm of the dead ruled by Hella.

Hella – Goddess of the dead.  Nerthus’s twin; she rules Hel.

Hildra – Dhonar’s wife and Maya’s friend.

Hlidskialf, Hall of - Located in Mannihem. It is where the Grand Assembly of Mitgarh meets.

Hrimnar - One of Tonidir’s councilmen.  He is married to Yigga and is Maya’s adoptive father.

Hrodah - An older woman at Shaadlod.

Hrolfr - Doarh’s best friend. Maya kills him in self-defense.

Hvergelmir – An icy river where the Well of Knowledge is located.

Idavol – A city north of Tonidir.

Jarlmyn – A city in Mitgarh.

Jarnsaxa – One of Doarh’s mistresses.

Jotun – A Giant.

Jotunihem – Land of the Giants. It is located north of Svarthem and Mitgarh.

Jotuns – Those from Jotunheim. Giants.

Junda – One of Doarh’s mistresses.

Kerl – A river near Tonidir.

Loki – Maya’s friend and lover.  He survives Ragnarok.

Mannihem – The most important city in Mitgarh.

Maya – Princess of Embi.  Daughter of Sim.  She marries Doarh and is a survivor of Ragnarok.

Memameior – The location of the Well of Knowledge, deep beneath the icy river of Hvergelmir. The well is guarded by Memior.

Memoir – God that guards the Well of Knowledge.

Miogaror – Realm of men and beasts, where Mitgarh, Svarthem, and Jotunihem are located.

Mirkvid – Where the Dark Forest is located.  Where Ferra lives.

Mitgarh – Land of men.

Muspelrik – Land of fire.

Neifhem – Land of ice

Nerthus – The Earth Goddess.  Hella’s twin.

Nida Mountains – Located in the northern part of Svarthem. Where Embi is located.

Nidavel – Kingdom of the White Elves. Located in the northern part of Mitgarh.

Norns – Three psychic sisters who reside at Urda’s well.  They are the Tellers of Urda.

Odherir – The name of Ferra’s cauldron.

Odhinn – King of Mannihem.

Ragnarok – Doomsday.

Ran – A sea God. Aegir’s wife.  The sea Goddess who lures men down to her lair, on the bottom of the ocean.

Rhym – One of the Giants that disrupt Maya’s wedding.

Saladir – A village in Mitgarh near Vanahem.

Shaadlod, Hill of – The Hill of Shaadlod.  Sacred ground for women.  It is where they go to menstruate.

Sif – Maya’s new name among the Aesir.

Sim – King of Embi. Maya’s father.

Sim-Embi – Tribe Maya belonged to.

Simi – Maya’s mother. Maya’s daughter; she has a lame foot.

Skoll – The Moon God. The wolf that will devour the sun at Ragnarok. Soll’s twin brother.

Skotkil – A city in Mitgarh.

Soll – The Sun God.  Skoll’s twin sister.

Stog – One of the Giants that disrupt Maya’s wedding.

Suldin – Loki’s mother.

Svarthem – Land of the Dark Elves.  Also where the village of Embi  and a few other Aesir tribes are found.

Thieles – Egil’s youngest son.  Doarh’s younger brother.

Tonidir – A city in Mitgarh.

Tyr – A God. His temple is near Bilfrost.

Tyrnor – Hrimnar’s eldest son.

Ubsola – A city in Mitgarh.

Ullr – God of Death.  He guides the souls down to Hel.  Maya’s son.  Doarh names him Ullr because he doubts that the child will live.

Urg – Mountains north of Mirkvid.

Uttgarh – A city in Jotunihem.

Valley of the Mountain – The region where Embi and the Tall People Maya grew up with are located. Embi is located at the base of this mountain.

Vanahem – A city in Mitgarh.

Vanir – Race of White Elves.  Also a city.

Yigga – Hrimnar’s wife.

Ymir’s Spine - Mountain range going from Svarthem to Jotunihem.